America is losing Democracy, and Americans may no longer be worthy of it

This is a brilliant and sharp analysis of what’s happening today in America. May it also serve as a warning to those of us who still aren’t taking the Tea Party seriously as a threat to American society and democracy.  -Tanya

The Secular Jurist

As the United States wallows through a self-inflicted crisis over another government shutdown combined with a potentially catastrophic financial default, it is critically important to recognize what we are seeing – the piecemeal destruction of American democracy by its radical right-wing.  This is not petty partisan politics or even brinksmanship.  This is a deliberate attack on the nation’s structural institutions which allow the people to exercise their right to self-governance through majority rule.  Those who oppose this practice of democracy, emblemized by the virulent Tea Party, are motivated by an irrational adherence to an authoritarian orthodoxy which has merged the laissez-faire capitalism of Ayn Rand with Christian fundamentalism and White nationalism.  Their zealous pursuit of a win-at-all-costs strategy is not sane.

In almost every respect, the ideology of the modern-day Tea Party parallels that of the Antebellum South prior to the Civil War; and therefore, can be accurately described as

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