3-Year-Old Girl Shoots and Kills Herself in Yellowstone Park


Photo courtesy of valdostatoday.com

I read an article recently that was published on Slate.com in September that was heart breaking:

A 3-year-old girl named Ella Marie Tucker shot and killed herself in Yellowstone National Park with a handgun that reportedly belonged to her father.

The girl and her family had been camping at Grant Village Campground, a massive RV and tent campground on Yellowstone Lake.

Though authorities have not yet announced whether the shooting was unintentional or deliberate, I am going to…predict that this 3-year-old girl did not mean to kill herself. But it doesn’t really matter whether the shooting was intentional or not. The very fact that a 3-year-old girl was able to access and shoot a handgun means that it was irresponsibly stored.

What’s shocking about this case is that such a young child had access to a gun. Why did the father even have a gun on him? And why was it loaded? Why was he not watching his child?

Those are all important questions, but the biggest question of all is this: Would this have happened if there were no guns?

I challenge any gun advocate to offer an answer.


5 thoughts on “3-Year-Old Girl Shoots and Kills Herself in Yellowstone Park

    • I agree with you- the NRA is missing the point completely. That’s why I wrote this post. People need to realize that without guns, many deaths simply would not happen.

  1. I recently read an article in the NY Times that explained that the most common ages of child guns deaths are around 3 and 13.

    At age 3 they are old enough to pull the trigger but don’t know the difference between a toy and a real gun – or even what a gun is made for.

    At age 13 they will unload the gun then point it at their friend (as a joke) and pull the trigger – not knowing that there is one bullet left in the chamber.

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