Trayvon Martin’s Mother Speaks Out Against Stop-And-Frisk

Sybrina Fulton - Courtesy of

Sybrina Fulton – Courtesy of


Sybrina Fulton, Trayvon Martin’s mother, spoke out Sunday against the stop-and-frisk police practice in New York City on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” according to Black America Web. During her interview on the show, she said that neither police nor civilians have the right to deem someone as suspect because of their race. The story was reported by Black America Web on Aug 18, 2013.

Fulton said:

“You can’t give people the authority, whether civilian or police officers the right to just stop somebody because of the color of their skin.”

On the heels of a judge telling New York City that its stop-and-frisk policy was racial discrimination, New York Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly defended the use of stop and frisk and said violent crimes would increase if the practice is forced to shut down. Not surprisingly, the city plans to appeal the judge’s decision.

Commissioner Kelly, while speaking on the CBS show “Face the Nation,” said:

“The losers in this, if this case is allowed to stand, are people who live in minority communities.”

What!? Apparently, even in the face of hard evidence that the practice has no basis in any real data, he insists that it is necessary for the well-being of minorities. Well, here’s some data for Commissioner Kelly to ruminate over:

“Over the past decade, New York police have stopped, questioned and sometimes patted down about 5 million people; 87 percent were black or Hispanic. About 10 percent of the stops spur an arrest or summons. Police find weapons a fraction of the time.”

To watch the video of Sybrina Fulton’s interview, go to

26 thoughts on “Trayvon Martin’s Mother Speaks Out Against Stop-And-Frisk

  1. Trayvon’s mother should have spoken out to Trayvon years ago before he chose to commit felony-crimes. Thankfully, Trayvon is now dead as a direct result of his own actions against real victims. Now, Trayvon’s mother and father need to be imprisoned for decades for their failures in controlling their dope-smoking-teen.

  2. JanCorey: “Factual”? That interests me. Would you be so kind as to explain how you are framing your “factorial” view. From your original claims which are rather harsh I’d be interested to have you explain your view and substantiate your position.

    I’d be happy to retract my comment of you being “fucking nuts”. My response was based on your accusation but hearing your view of the “facts” in detail would give me a better base to fairly respond. Thanks.

    • Tubularsock, you clearly did not follow the case in court nor did you obviously examine the forensic and other evidence entered into this case by the prosecutors. We are not here to help to educate you on your shortcoming of this case, but rather allow you a chance to check out your own deficiencies yourself and have you come back here to update us on your new-found-factual-knowledge that you currently lack. Best of luck to you Tub in your recovery and try to stay factual instead of trollish.

  3. I do love your site Tubs and do love your interactions with people posting. I just hope you can try, instead, to deal with the facts of this case and not your speculation or misinterpretations of the actual facts.

  4. Wow, JanCorey I sure will do my best to live up to your expectations on educating myself on my shortcomings and deficiencies however there are just some “trigger-points” that you stated in your original comments that indicate to me that you
    somehow have weighted your “facts” with your emotion. For example: “he chose to commit felony-crimes” and ” dope-smoking-teen”. Add to that your emotional opinion that “. . . Trayvon’s mother and father need to be imprisoned for decades for their failures . . .” shows to me that you may have a more than “factual” investment in this entire matter.

    However I’ll check out these “facts” and see what I find.

    But regardless of this case you can’t tell me that you think that Stop-and-Frisk without cause is permissible in our society.

    • Stop-and-Frisk without cause should be permissible everywhere within the entire USA, if you ask me. And, convicted felons should be open-season if they are even suspected of another crime, no charges to the shooter and a reward offered to those that shoot a convicted felon since there is no other known use for a convicted felon other than target practice imo.

  5. Well JanCorey let Tubularsock just burn up the Constitution and the Bill of Rights for you and set up the JanCorey Police State straight away. So you wouldn’t mind being stopped and frisked by any police officer or security guard while you went to the market? Maybe three or four times a day?

    And I would assume you aren’t a felon yet. But this extreme view you carry leads Tubularsock to believe that you have been personally affected some how by a convicted felon at some point in your life.

    And just a point of clarification. In your earlier comment, where you chastised Tubularsock for his lack of knowledge, you used the term, “We are not here to help to educate you . . . “. Who is this “We” you are referring to?

  6. Ahh yes. Facts do scare many people and many people when faced with having to explain themselves try to wiggle under a rock and hide. Those same people go into the attack mode and spout platitudes to dodge from having to face their own lack of facts.

    You happen to be Tubularsock’s example number one, JanCorey.

    When you express yourself with your outlandish points of view that is alright with Tubularsock. You can BELIEVE anything you wish. But when you can’t explain that point of view with real time facts and dodge the questions with “Fact always prevail . . .” that is a circular augment which is a classic COPOUT!

    Can you back up your statements with prevailing facts OR NOT.

    At this point in time OR NOT is winning!

    • As you noted, I rely upon facts to justify my positions and will not provide links to back up what has already been proven in a court of Law because enabling the weak works against their lazy-butts and does not give them an ample opportunity to learn how to do research on their own to fill in their own gaps and their own inabilities to finally teach them how to quench a thirst for the documented truth. I rely upon proven facts and will not provide them links to prove that the moon is not made of cheese, ect. One must first have an ability to be to have an adult-type of conversation first and most who disagree are at a severe disadvantage from the get-go. Trollism is not a form of art or language I wish to step down into their pit of sorrow and ignorance. I will chose facts over their speculation/attacks/trollism any day.

      • JanCorey, I am shocked and saddened at what you’ve been saying in this conversation because you sound to me to be racist and elitist. I say racist because you seem to advocate punishing people for simply being different than you in racial background.

        I say elitist because it sounds like you believe that the more powerful groups of American society (whites; people with no criminal record; highly educated) should have free reign over the rest of society, to the point where our Constitutional rights can and should be violated by the powerful. This is a very hateful stance and it’s sad that you aren’t the only one to hold these views.

        I agree with tubularsock that you use circular reasoning in your arguments. You seem to be ranting more than stating facts. What’s worse is that you’re insulting us because we disagree with you. That’s not necessary at all. It just makes you look bad and your arguments weak.

        • Tanya, you are shocked and saddened? How about adding “uninformed” to this issue as well. Don’t be disconcerted by your obvious and clear ignorance of the facts, that is more common than many people like you may realize. Try instead, to stay on the facts and not retaliating against fact-providers that are way over your head and your comprehension-level. The total and complete fault lies with you Tanya and your ignorance, not with anyone other than you. God bless.

    • I agree with everything you’ve said in this discussion. But those who think like JanCorey are hard to talk to because they stick to one argument/opinion and very rarely stray from it, regardless of how much sense an opposing side makes. Needless to say, he probably watches FOX News 😉

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