10 Reasons to Love Obamacare

Photo courtesy of drexel.edu

Photo courtesy of drexel.edu


About Pres. Obama’s new health care plan, Care2 says:

“The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is called that for a reason. Otherwise known as Obamacare, it protects patients from HMOs’ common abusive tactics and makes health insurance more affordable.”

Here are 10 reasons why you should feel good about Obamacare (and not listen to Republicans) –

1) Everyone will have access to health care coverage

2) Pre-existing conditions will no longer affect your coverage

3) Sick patients will no longer be dropped by their insurance 

4) Young adults can stay on their parents’ plans

5) Free preventive care

6) Regular check-up with a gynecologist will be free for women

7) Free birth control

8) You will save money on medical bills

9) The whole country will save money (Obamacare will reduce the national deficit by two hundred billion dollars in its first ten years)

10) The Medicare “donut hole” will close (Seniors on Medicare  who experience this donut hole often pay up to $4,550 out of pocket for prescription medication. Obamacare will seal up the hole by 2020)

For more details, go to Care2.com.

9 thoughts on “10 Reasons to Love Obamacare

  1. Unless you’re a spouse of a UPS employee.
    Obamacare is coercion and force. It is Big Government at its worst. People are penalized simply for being alive. Obamacare makes us all (except those who are friends of the president who get waivers from the mandates and penalties, such as his business cronies, employees of congress and many others) slaves of the government. We exist to pay for Obamacare. And, I have no doubt we will soon be required to do lots more stuff or be penalized for continuing to breathe. That’s wrong. Free choice is what is needed rather than coercion and force.

    • You’re making a lot of the same arguments that Republicans make. Republicans say these things to scare people into disliking Obamacare, but those statements aren’t based on fact.

      • There’s not much to like about it. It’s first, coercive, and second, highly inefficient. Democrats have made the same points but then they went ahead and voted for it. That’s whacky.

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