Stop Koalas From Becoming Timber Industry Casualties (petition)

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As human civilizations expand exponentially, the habitat of the koala shrinks to almost nothing.

This is the scene in Victoria and South Australia. The Blue Gum plantations have become a make-shift home of sorts for koalas that have lost their natural homes to deforestation.  But their new home is dangerous- timber companies are cutting down trees on the plantations, too, and koalas are being injured and killed in the process.

Our-Compass says:

Volunteer wildlife carers are struggling to keep up with the number of casualties — koalas suffering from broken limbs and backs, severed arms and impact wounds. Many more don’t even survive the fall. Witnesses have even described injured koalas still on the felled trees as they are pulled through the shredders.

Stronger protection for wildlife is needed. At a minimum, the detection, capture and relocation of koalas (and other at risk wildlife) needs to occur under government supervision before forest areas are logged.”

The petition: Please call on the Ministers responsible in Victoria and South Australia to stop the tragic killing of koalas and introduce stronger protection for wildlife.

4 thoughts on “Stop Koalas From Becoming Timber Industry Casualties (petition)

  1. Tanya,
    Deforestation would become a thing of the past if industrial hemp were grown around the world. Unfortunately lumber and paper companies do not want their historic slice of the “pie” to shrink. Industrial hemp can be used for building materials, which would reduce the amount of trees that are felled on Earth. Average folks could make money growing it as well.
    Than you,

    • I’ve heard that hemp is a good replacement for wood and even cotton. I don’t know that much about it, but I’m surprised that more companies haven’t at least attempted to make products with hemp. It seems only very small companies are willing to try it. I guess you’re right- the mega corporations would feel they’d be losing out if people stop using trees for materials. So who knows when things will change.

      Thanks for commenting!

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