Fyledalen Sparrowhawk – Alan Jones – PhotoBotos.com


2 thoughts on “Fyledalen Sparrowhawk – Alan Jones – PhotoBotos.com

  1. Having some challenges reblogging as I can’t work out how to import her as someone I’m following, or how to search for her blog through the League’s site. I have tried cut & paste, with mixed results. Draft is saved. Any suggestions?

    Sometimes I feel so incompetent… And by the way; how do I warrant first mention among the avatars? This project was your idea; promote yourself a bit.

    • Try going to the original post, then clicking on “Reblog.” See if there’s a drop down menu. If there is, select the group blog. I was able to reblog something like that.

      The avatars go in alphabetical order, I think. That’s ok. But thanks for mentioning it!

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