ANNOUNCEMENT For “League of Bloggers for a Better World”


Hey everyone! I’ve got an update for our blog group. I consulted with WordPress’s Help section and it sounds like it would be best if we use an outside website for our blog home. We will still have our individual blogs, but we’ll also be connected to the group blog site. I’m working out the details now. If you have any suggestions let me know. We’re almost there! We’ve got some great members so far.

So for now, we’ll discontinue the current group WordPress blog. We’ll still keep the group title and the logo.

For anyone else interested in joining our blog group, please see this post. 

Here a brief description of the group:

An online group/league of bloggers who blog about societal issues, be it racism, injustice, global warming, animal rights, politics and the like, and are interested in progress to create a better world.

Some bloggers already write about this stuff. But since we are currently not organized or connected in a formal way, it feels as if each blogger is on his or her own. I think that if we formed some kind of group, we may feel more united in our efforts, and can therefore be more effective in creating the change we want to see happen.

Thanks and take care! 🙂


6 thoughts on “ANNOUNCEMENT For “League of Bloggers for a Better World”

  1. I’m thinking about possibly using Weebly because it’s free. A Yahoo group may actually work, as well, so I have to check that out.

    Part of the problem with using wordpress is that one of the members found it hard to reblog stuff. If we can get that figured out, than we can keep this site, and use an outside site just for communication with each other. I guess emails could work, too, but I like the discussion forum format of Yahoo groups better- it’s easier than trying to email many people the same message.

    Thanks for the suggestion of the Yahoo group, Liz. 🙂

    I found out an easy way to reblog posts to the group site. Since it would be way too overwhelming for us all to add follows to the new group blog (for blogs we follow), we’ll have to just copy and paste the web addresses of posts we want to reblog and insert them into a new post. Just use the same method you’d use to link anything into your blog. So we’ll basically be creating links to stuff we want to reblog (instead of clicking “reblog.” Clicking reblog will only reblog stuff to your individual blogs, not the group blog.) I just realized that I’ve been able to reblog only because I’m the site administrator (my name and account is automatically linked to the group blog site.)

    I’m also working on creating a Yahoo group for internal communication within the group. I really want us to feel connected.

    So that’s done. This means that the new group blog I set up is a go! Here’s the link if you haven’t been to it yet (you can start posting whatever you want now)-

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