How We Are All Connected & How Trayvon Need Not Have Died

A blogger friend of mine shared this video with his readers on his blog, The Oneness of Humanity. I felt quite a strong reaction to it, and wanted to express my thoughts about its message.

From the “Overview Effect” documentary (see above):

Many of the great wisdom traditions of the Earth have pointed to what we are calling the “overview effect.” That is to say that they have come to realize this unity, this oneness of all life on Earth and of consciousness and awareness.”

As the speakers in the documentary say, this doesn’t necessarily have to be a spiritual or religious belief- it can simply be a “cognitive shift” in your way of thinking. Either way, it is a worthy change in the way we see the world.

I wonder what would happen if every person in America thought about themselves, each other, and the Earth in this way. Would we have people shooting each other? Would Trayvon Martin have been killed? If George Zimmerman saw himself as being connected with Trayvon, as being “one” with him, would he have shot him?

This all may sound very silly to American ears, but why should it be silly? Are we not all made of the same things, the same materials with which the whole Earth is made from?

Another speaker in the documentary talks about how “the self” and “others” are not really separate. We are simply “a manifestation of the whole.” Again, this may sound completely foreign to the American ear- that’s because it is foreign to us. There’s nothing wrong with being independent and self-reliant, but when we take that concept to its extreme, we run into trouble. If George Zimmerman had felt a deep connection or “oneness” with Trayvon, he would never have shot him that night. He wouldn’t have even been carrying a gun in the first place. And racism would not exist.

I’m not saying that I believe that we will get to a point where everyone in America, and every person in the world, will ever live their lives with these principles in mind. But, I truly believe that if enough of us do it, it will make a profound difference in this world.


3 thoughts on “How We Are All Connected & How Trayvon Need Not Have Died

  1. I completely agree. We are all connected and this includes animals. This is why I believe in the ideology of veganism. This is why I cannot participate in the death of animals for food, clothing, and research — BECAUSE WE AREL ALL CONNECTED. A Cow is a Pig is a Dog is a Human — we are all made up of flesh and blood. It is no wonder people feel disconnected. People turn a blind eye and a deaf ear to the egregious sh*t taking place behind factory farm walls and slaughter houses. They allow someone else to kill so they can eat. Animals feel fear and panic before they are slaughtered. IMHO people eating the flesh of animals who cried out in the last moments of their lives are eating that animals fear or energy if you will. It is time people stop narcotizing themselves wake up!

    Just sayin’… didn’t mean to make this an animal rights speech. Sorry.

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