Tell Congress To Investigate the NSA (petition)

U.S. Congress

U.S. Congress


“We need a new congressional committee to investigate the revelations by Edward Snowden. The existing Intelligence Committees in House and Senate, gagged by secrecy and co-opted by the intelligence community they supposedly oversee, have failed to check dangerously excessive surveillance of Americans’ communications.

Pressure by an informed public on Congress to form a select committee to investigate these revelations might lead us to bring the NSA and the rest of the intelligence community under real supervision and restraint and restore the protections of the Bill of Rights.”

The spying programs the U.S. government is engaged in are very dangerous. Through secret courts and laws, the government has given the National Security Agency (NSA) unlimited access to our personal information and virtually unlimited authority to use whatever information they find against us in whatever manner they see fit. Just because you’re not a terrorist doesn’t mean they can’t decide you are. With unlimited power, they can do anything. Without a restoration to our Constitutional rights, which are meant to protect us against unfair arrests and prosecution, we are vulnerable.

Daniel Ellsberg wrote an amazing book called “Secrets: A Memoir of Vietnam and the Pentagon Papers” about his experience as a whistleblower during the Vietnam War era. It not only talks about his own experiences, but talks about the dangers of a government that doesn’t see itself as under the Constitution’s authority. Although it was written in 2003, it’s the perfect resource for understanding why what’s happening now really matters.

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8 thoughts on “Tell Congress To Investigate the NSA (petition)

  1. Tanya,
    What seems to be important to determine is how the information collected has been used. Many people are concerned that collected info is being used for malevolent purposes. Investigating whether such information has been used in any type of manipulative way would be the focus. It comes down to ethics and morality. For example has the collected information been used to give unfair advantage to organizations or corporations which then resulted in people in various countries suffering economic hardship. Simply put has the information been used in a way that improves the health and well-being of humanity or has that use of information resulted in the degradation of health and well-being for humanity. Has the information been used in such a way that decisions were made to begin violence or war between people which was unnecessary? In Daniel Ellsberg’s case the Vietnam War was a nightmare for humanity.
    If there is any possibility that the use of such data would result in human beings being harmed, whether physically, economically or spiritually, then high spiritual maturity would be required to eliminate any such possibility.
    Has the phenomenon resulted in an increase or decrease of love on this Earth?
    Thank you,

    • I love the questions you asked about what kind of impact the NSA spying situation may have on humanity- I think that is a very good way to assess a person’s (or country’s) behavior and actions. In response, I feel that, based on what I’ve read about it, the spying program has the potential to do devastating harm to individuals in the US, as well as abroad.

      I say “potential” because there is no evidence yet that any harm has been done. BUT, if you read one of my prior posts on this topic, you’ll see what I mean. In it, I talk about times in the past when people’s rights were not respected- black men on death row because they were not given proper legal counsel and judges who judged them based on their race alone; the current crimes that have been done against women in prisons (I’ll provide a link for you to it in another post) in which they are forced to be sterilized; people during the Red Scare (the McCarthy era) who were deemed communists and were fired from their jobs and put on trial for being communists (even though there was no proof); and many others. The point is that when the government does not respect our Constitutional rights, harm does happen.

      I also feel sorry for people in other countries- their fates may be even worse because the US Constitution doesn’t cover them. Any Muslim person from any country can be possibly yanked from their home and thrown into Guantanamo Bay Prison, where as of now, inmates are being force fed. They are on hunger strike, but the prison officials are force feeding them through tubes. And remember, many Guantanamo Bay prisoners have been waiting in prison cells for YEARS for a trial. Not fair.

      I’m glad you asked me this question because many others may be wondering the same thing. I’m going to write another post about this, so others can see why I feel this is important. I totally respect your opinion, so thanks for the question! Dialogue is important.

  2. Tanya ……. thanks but I’m way ahead of you on this one. Already signed, sealed and delivered! Just saw Ellsberg recently in a panel discussion. Talked to him a bit. An incredible man and one I have the ultimate respect.
    Keep up your good work and like your commitment.
    Peace, Tube

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