Take Action to Stop the Horse Meat Industry (petition)

Photo - HappyBunch by Saskia Jansen

Photo – HappyBunch by Saskia Jansen


From Our-Compass.org blog:

Send an email to the members of the committees currently considering passage of the Safeguard American Food Exports Act. Respectfully demand a full hearing on the bill pending in each chamber!

This bill is an excellent safeguard to protect people from the dangers of eating horsemeat, and a way to assure that the law protects horses. Let’s keep our laws strong in protecting horses from cruel and inhumane practices.

Go to Our-Compass.org for more info.

11 thoughts on “Take Action to Stop the Horse Meat Industry (petition)

  1. The form was alright by me. If you are on the net it is way too late to worry about this form. If and when I sign something I don’t much care what is on the form. I’m either for it or against it! Thank you Tanya for bringing this to my attention.

  2. this issue makes my heart and brain hurt…. it’s really not that different than putting dogs and cats down at over crowded shelter. And honestly there are SO many horses right now theres just no room for all of them with cities and suburbs expanding. is it better for them to starve to death or die in a slaughter house? i know not every horse is there for the right reasons (old race horses for one) but most would honestly die really really slow terrible deaths, and the only upside to this is that at least its (semi) quick. It’s not like you can make profit selling horses to slaughterhouses like you can cows, so it doesn’t really have the threat of turning into a business where horses are breed to be slaughtered, its just where the excess horses go.
    just so you know I have 3 horses of my own and love them and ride as often i can, and I’m a vegetarian.

      • Shelters for horses exist, but there are still way more horses than there are homes. Not to mention how expensive they are. Homeless horses could go to the SPCA or more likely, a slaughterhouse. Think of it as the same idea of county animal shelters, where each animal only gets like 10 days before its put down. There’s just to many animals. Having them be slaughtered in the US would be WAY more humane than shipping them to Mexico(which is what happens now) where god knows what the regulations are.
        My cousin works in the business of buying and selling horses and she has bought her share from slaughter auctions. Yes the Houses do have to buy the horses, so other people have the option of getting them as well
        I went to visit her for a week and she was offered a free horse multiple times a day, because if she didn’t take it, it would have to be put down because they couldn’t afford to keep it and no one would buy it. Sadly, she couldn’t afford to rescue any more…

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