Fighting for Women’s Rights All Over Again

It’s one thing to have an opinion- it’s something else entirely to shove your opinion down another person’s throat.

But this is what is happening now in America. Some feel that there is a right and wrong way to live life, and that they are right and you are wrong if you don’t agree. They don’t care about the Constitution, or laws, or compassion, or kindness, or empathy, or RIGHTS. And they definitely don’t care about women. They think we women should just keep our mouths shut.

So who are they? They are the Republican Conservatives, often backed by the “Religious Right,” who are waging war anew on women’s rights, although that war has already been fought decades ago.

And don’t think that if you don’t believe in abortion, your reproductive rights are safe. They are not. There are states where you will have to ask your boss specifically for insurance coverage for birth control (even if you only take it for health issues, not family planning). Why should that be your boss’s business, especially if he is a man?

And if Planned Parenthood is dismantled, which is what they want, there will be very few places for women to get low-cost gynecological care. They don’t just do abortions!!!! They do pap smears, breast exams, AIDS and STI testing (for men, as well) and a range of other vital services.

The Secular Jurist has written an informative blog post on these issues. In it, he writes:

“The severe abortion restrictions being pushed by Republicans are clearly sexist, and violate both established law (Roe v. Wade) and the First Amendment’s establishment clause (i.e. the separation of church and state).  It not only is consistent with theocracy, but state-control of reproductive rights is also a major component of eugenics.”

That is one of the best legal and moral arguments I’ve read about why the revoking of women’s rights should not be allowed to take place. Read the rest of the post here. 

5 thoughts on “Fighting for Women’s Rights All Over Again

  1. That we are revisiting a number of struggles strikes me as more than a coincidence. At a time when our economic system has suffered the greatest blow to its credibility for nearly three generations, those who benefit the most from it have decided to go onto the offensive to distract attention from their own crimes. If they get away with it, it’ll be our fault…

  2. Well said! The Christian Taliban are destroying everything my predecessors worked hard to obtain so that I, a 46 year old woman in 2013 could have the same rights as men.

    On another note, what is happening makes me think of The Handmaid’s Tale – a book that should be required reading for all, especially women.

    Not caring about abortion for whatever reason, especially if you’re past the point of having children is not a reason to sit idle. I was not able to have children and yet I would never vote in favor of taking away women’s right to choose, nor would I take away her right obtain birth control. These extreme Republicans want all women barefoot and pregnant in the kitchen!

    And I agree with that woman’s sign in the photo, I cannot BELIEVE it either!

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