Gun Rights? What About Our Constitutional Rights?

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The blog just posted an article about a town that canceled their 4th of July parade for this year. Why? Because residents expressed fears of a pro-gun march planned to take place during the day’s festivities. The Tea Party-affiliated Southern Colorado Patriots Club planned on protesting gun regulation measures by marching through the town with as many as 300 armed people.

Which leads to my question- why is there so much outrage, energy and activism being put into a potential reduction of gun rights when we are already losing, and in certain ways have already lost, many of our basic rights? Where’s the outrage over that?

The right to own a gun affords the owner the ability to: accidentally shoot someone, including a loved one; shoot a suspect, then later realize he/she was unarmed (police); shoot an unarmed suspect and get away with little or no legal repercussions if the person shot was a minority (police); commit crime in the inner-city, perpetuating the cycle of poverty and violence; shoot a school full of innocent kids; etc., etc.

Our basic, constitutional rights afford us the ability: to not have our homes be searched without a warrant signed by a judge; to not be arrested without a proper police investigation; to have out rights read to us while being arrested; to not have our phones tapped without a warrant signed by a judge; to not have our emails read without a warrant signed by a judge; etc., etc.

So where are our priorities?


9 thoughts on “Gun Rights? What About Our Constitutional Rights?

  1. In the wild West (and this is , and will still remain the Wild West) guns are a must! But of course nobody forces you to get one! I personally fear pencils, and glass shards, and sarbacanes, and why not spears and stones!

  2. Did you see the Sunday Outlook article in the Washington Post about how the five conservative justices on the Supreme Court have removed 4th Amendment protections, hollowed out the Voter Rights Act, enabled credit card companies to monopolize, eroded worker’s rights, and given police a loop-hole through which they can remove your ‘right to remain silent?’

    These are key rights and individual liberties. But obviously conservatives care nothing about them. To the contrary, they work diligently to erode them.

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