Thoughts on Award Nomination Process…

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As I read over the rules for the award process, I realized that a few of the rules bother me a bit.

One rule is one which states that in order to accept a nomination, you have to choose a certain number of other bloggers to nominate. In the case of the Very Inspiring Blogger Award, you have to nominate 7 other bloggers. For the Liebster Award, you have to nominate 11. I don’t like this rule for 2 reasons:

– I don’t think that there should be a set number of bloggers to nominate, especially not 11! That’s too many because its too much work to have to find and contact so many people. What if I only want to nominate 8 people? What if I want to nominate 11 people, but don’t have the time and energy to contact  them all at once? What if I need time to think about it and read over people’s blogs before deciding?

– What if I don’t want to display those bloggers’ names on my post? I sometimes wonder if it hurts people’s feeling if they don’t see their name on the list, so I’ve decided to contact each person separately rather than have a prominently displayed list. Some bloggers will find out who’s nominated anyway when people accept their awards, but it’s better than having one big list. Without a list, it’s less likely that everyone will know every person who I nominated.

Another thing I don’t like is the amount of questions you have to answer and ask other nominees in order to accept the Liebster Award. In total, it’s about 33! Who has the time?! I suggest that there just be less questions, or that bloggers pick how many questions they want to do. Or be a rebel like me and do whatever you want! I only did about 22 questions, and even that’s a lot.

So I guess I’m a rule breaker! As I said in both my posts on being nominated for these awards, I am extremely flattered and appreciate these awards, especially since I’ve only started blogging a few months ago. I’m glad that people are getting something out of my blog, whether it’s inspiration or information, or both. My rule-changing is just a suggestion on how to make the rules make more sense.

Take care, all!


27 thoughts on “Thoughts on Award Nomination Process…

    • I just checked the Help section of WordPress- it says that these awards are informal and they are given by other bloggers, not the WordPress staff. So we can do whatever we want in terms of the rules! Also, who ever is nominated is really a winner of the award, since there is no official winner ceremony.
      Thank goodness, right?!

  1. You’ve given a few very good reasons. Another one is that these awards and the way (nominating) works is that it can become ‘incestuous’: same people nominating the same people etc. And than one can seriously question the true value of these awards. I’ve been nominated several times and always appreciated it but never did anything with it until earlier this week I did and for once and for all: What I do prefer is dedicating a post to an individual blogger every now and than. It’s more personal and without (feeling any) obligations for who- or whatever.
    Thank you for writing about this subject. 🙂

    • I respect what you’ve said. You are right that, with the weird rules and being forced to nominate a certain amount of people, the awards start to lose some of their meaning. I like the idea of dedicating a post to a particular blogger- I’m going to try that, too! There are no rules, you can do it on your own time instead of feeling rushed, and it’s more personal and genuine.

  2. Tanya and Gator Woman- I am also fairly new to this award process, and I agree with your conclusion about the questions to be answered (too many!) and the time it takes. So as I moved ahead, I did not put the restriction on questions and reduced the number of bloggers to 7 (from 15 perhaps?). Nonetheless to make the process meaningful, I asked the nominee to at least connect with the blogger that nominates and the nominees that they select (by providing the links to those blogs) because it helps in networking within blogosphere. I am sure it can be further simplified as well. These awards are recognition from one blogger to another, and I think it’s a good practice for showing one’s appreciation, so keeping it simple and straightforward is the key. Thanks.

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    • That’s a good description. Growing up in the 1970s and 80s, I received a few chain letters which were quite frightening. More recently I’ve had some of those faux-handwritten ones from a person (always supposed to be Nigerian) who begs for cash. There’s also quite a lot of online begging aka ‘crowdfunding’. I’ve never been asked for cash in a WP award but I’ve been asked personal questions which I ignored. Now I ignore the awards altogether!

      Except for one thing: when people choose to obey award rules, their choices of fellow bloggers to nominate can be interesting. I’ve found several good blogs that way.

  4. Good to know I am not the only one who care more for creating posts, rather than procrastinating to receive and pass awards…I just thank kindly, in a short comment and in my heart, but cannot waste precious time with work, rather than fun.

    Otherwise, I’d rather be out walking and biking!
    Process or no process, I’d rather have more comments, and likes, and ratings, than nominations for awards: That I consider the more realistic, palpable, post by post award.


    • As I said to another blogger who also has an “award free” blog, it’s a very brave decision since so many other people are very into awards. I totally respect that decision! In my next post, I talk about how I am also coming to the conclusion that awards are unnecessary for giving fellow bloggers real, meaningful feedback.

  5. It is a marketing tactic. It is a way to grow your blog audience. Personally, I like the idea of link swaps and reblogging as well as guest bloggers. I am very interested in sharing great blogs (like yours) so maybe we should consider a link swap for the purpose of sharing great information and growing the audience. 🙂

    • I would love to do a link swap with you! Show me how to do it.

      I’m so glad that you get how I feel about awards! I think your suggestions are WAY better than awards. They are more genuine and not gimmicky.

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